Data expansion and complexity

Our expertise is in giving our clients a significant lift in their database foundation

Many companies face the challenge of handling ever growing amounts of complicated data in real time.

The current approach to dealing with this situation is using NoSQL database platform and making it work super efficiently in interaction with different tools and applications.

Our expertise is in giving our clients a significant lift in their database foundation. From conventional and slow data processing to fast, real time representation of all information used for employees within the company as well as for external customers and clients.

We carry out the analysis and provide our assessment for the IT solutions a client’s company uses internally and externally, and we come up with a new foundation in compliance with their current and future needs for fast access to internal and external information.

Over the years we have become trusted advisors for all our clients

LESS IS MORE are experts in the newest database and web technology

For more than 15 years we have been providing professional solutions for customers who wanted reliable and durable solutions for Java, Linux, iPhone, web applications, major websites and their performance in particular.

We have helped companies to significantly improve their efficiency in data collection and information handling, made them much more visible in the internet landscape and added additional benefits to their businesses. And we are good at it.

Over the years we have become trusted advisors for all our clients providing high level services to their ongoing IT requirements. We work smart and hard, with high efficiency and productivity. We have skilled people supported with the best tools, methodology and training programs.

We challenge you on the business potentials, make you consider new opportunities and future requirements

Revitalise your business and make it future-proof - the roadmap to a new beginning

As we move your current IT systems into a new and more efficient platform, we will work with focus on your business and how you want it to develop and grow.

We challenge you on the business potentials, make you consider new opportunities and future requirements, while we develop a new solution for your systems. We analyse your current system in relation to the vision of business and assess what features and benefits will be relevant to your business in the future.

You will be in cooperation with our experienced staff to develop a future-proof system, purged from outdated functionality. Therefore, your business will be supported by a simple, effective and forward-looking system.Improvement on Key Performance Indicators

Grow pipeline - attract new potential customers

In competitive markets it is essential to be first in introducing new initiatives into the market. The big profits often come from here.

At LESS IS MORE we are able to develop efficient and stable, high quality systems in short time. It gives you the opportunity to be the first to expand your market into new business areas. In other words,we are providing you with new and stronger arguments for positioning and differentiating your business to potential customers.

Grow sales - strengthen customer loyalty and get new customers

The battle for customers has never been more fierce than nowadays. To attract new customers,while creating and maintaining a strong loyalty from the existing ones, has high priority on most companies’ agenda.

We develop fast, stable, user-friendly systems that put the user in focus, whilst ensuring that the technology serves the user, not the other way around. Using our services you will therefore experience a simple, rapid and meaningful dialogue between the system and the user.

This is a situation that makes users satisfied and excited, as well as attracts new customers.

At LESS IS MORE will indeed like to help our clients run a good business not only today, but also tomorrow.

Reduce operating costs and increase efficiency - we do more with less resources

We develop stable systems that provide less disruption. As experience has shown, after we rewrite an existing IT system, it becomes considerably less complex compared to the existing system. This in turn means that we are improving the stability of the system to a level that requires less maintenance and services

Fast Return on Investment (ROI) - with better quality

At LESS IS MORE we develop faster, because we use "Better JAVA". A simpler and more efficient method that allows shorter development process with fewer errors. Therefore, the development cost will be lower and the product will be ready for production faster. The investment pay-offs of our solutions appear fast and are visible.

We hire the most skilled, experienced and best educated technical people.

Strong technical foundation that gives value

People, tools and processes

The backbone of our organisation is built on our people, tools and processes.

We hire the most skilled, experienced and best educated technical people. On top of that, we make sure that we all are great team players.

In the management of our projects we embrace the ideas of Agile software development framework and we take the best Scrum methodology has to offer in our day-to-day business. This means that we are flexible, dynamic, transparent and most importantly - productive in the execution of all our projects.

Our ‘weapon of choice’ is JAVA - a sustainable and widespread programming language. It has been the preferred programming language for many enterprise customers for almost 20 years and will certainly remain in this position for the next 20+ years. Where "write once - run everywhere" is still valid in the future , where customers can update OS and web-servers with the latest security patches without breaking the application, and in many other important places - Java will remain one of the most reliable choices.

As experts in NoSQL, we are working with Solr - the most advanced NoSQL database. Combining Solr and Java enabled LESS IS MORE to meet challenging customer requirements with strong and remarkable solutions.

NoJPA - our secret ingredient

NoJPA is an open-source framework built by LESS IS MORE. It was designed for developers by developers.

The development of this tool was inspired by functionality in the framework JPA from SUN/Oracle.

NoJPA makes all difficult technical tasks nice and easy. This means that the developer can focus on implementing business objectives and not get stuck in technical details. 

LESS IS MORE removed all the "nonsense", made NoJPA cloud enabled, made it intelligent and compatible with NoSQL databases.

NoJPA is transparent no matter if it is running against traditional SQL databases or NoSQL databases.

NoJPA - is a "type strong" framework, which means - if it compiles, it runs. Which again is cutting development costs.

Link to NoJPA:

Wiki of NoJPA: (Still in progress)

AddressBook made with NoJPA

About NoJPA and Spring integration + Clustering with NoJPA

History of activity

Our current customers - are our references to new clients

The latest big project is Instagram of news - www.zip.news
or our Instagram of Events and Teambuilding - www.evendo.com


Less is More has a number of satisfied clients. In many cases they have recommended us as providers of great solutions to other companies, which eventually became our new customers.

Optimization of IT support

QXL is a a large Danish online marketplace for buying, selling and holding auctions.

QXL is a service platform that is available to private individuals, companies and other organisations. Users buy and sell fixed-price items as well as hold and participate in auctions. QXL has an analogous site in Norway, which works on the same principle.

LESS IS MORE became responsible for the QXL website in March, 2013.

LESS IS MORE enabled a much faster and efficient service of the QXL website releasing more resources for other projects.

Reducing response time - making websites load faster

Luuux.com is a big US social media site.

Response time is more important than most business owners think. No customer wants to wait for a website to load.

This is the average response time it took google to download one single page from their new website.

Before it was running on 8 servers, now it runs on one single server. This is what we call LESS IS MORE. 

Why not smart?

Lauritz Christensen Auctions is one of the oldest auction houses in Denmark. The key to success at Lauritz.com is that the customers are able to find the products they need on Lauritz.com website effortlessly.

We made a search engine for lauritz.com allowing smart and efficient match finding for prospective buyers to current items offered. For example, if a British client is searching for ‘bikes’ in the plural form, he will also see offerings under an analogous Danish noun in singular,. For example ‘bikes’ will also suggest (Danish) ’ladcykel’ (cargobike)

Big data for financial institutions

We are the European IT "Rock stars" who focus on NoSQL performance in Europe. If you are are working with Big data you should have a have a talk wit us.

LESS IS MORE has been giving many of our clients significantly more data processing capacity. Companies - for example in the financial sector - with extreme dynamics in number analyses and representation, have strong requirements for NoSQL.

We can provide hands-on and know-how for making the best big data analysis and implementation.

Sebastian Berg

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We will make sure to understand your business idea and your strategic goals for both short and long terms, so that we can offer the best solutions which would meet current and future needs of your company.

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